Moon Hunters Wiki

Moon Hunters is an open-world adventure for 1-4 players, solving ancient mysteries and building mythologies. Explore a hand-painted pixel art world that's randomly generated yet rich with crafting, non-linear stories, and arcane lore.


  • An open, procedurally generated world: Over a hundred different locations and landmarks each have their own potential to help or hinder adventurers.
  • Exploration is key: Every landmark and territory may contain a Myth, which is essential in growing your world and your character.
  • Non-linear story: The mythology of your character and world is determined by your actions, and the world reacts to you differently based on the mythology you build. How will you react when you find a villager has lied to you? Temperamental heroes may be tempted to kill them in revenge, while more charismatic heroes use guile to extract the truth. Or do you try to ferret out other possible traitors? If you have trained in the powers of Dark Magic, the traitor may have a secret to share...
  • Myth-based crafting: Find, collect, and combine rare resources in different ways to create items, learn spells, and summon creatures.
  • Day and night cycle: Monsters and villagers behave differently and rituals have different results depending on the time of day.
  • Pick-up-and-play action: A quick, tight feel inspired by Legend of Zelda lets players set their own pace. A majority of the time in Moon Hunters is spent fighting monsters and claiming magical treasures, so it's important that combat feels responsive and intuitive.
  • Character progression: Unlock new powers, creatures, items, and myths as you explore the world.
  • Gamer-family friendly: Accessible controls, short play sessions, and co-operative gameplay allow families to play together easily.


Combat is the core of the moment-to-moment gameplay in Moon Hunters. Some characters specialise in melee combat, while others are best at long-range, according to the magical element they are aligned with (see below). However, every character has a basic short-range attack.

A character gains experience and power levels for overcoming challenges, holding rituals, conquering landmarks, and claiming territories, increasing both in physical strength and magical power.


Magic Abilities[]

Players choose different crystals and familiars (magical pet creatures) to use on their journey, each conferring special powers.

Powers drain the user's magical resources, and roughly fall into one of three types:

  • Ranged attacks: deal damage to enemies from a distance
  • Boosts: turn enemies to your side, persuade townsfolk, or heal/improve your team-mates
  • Exploration: get past thick brambles, fallen boulders, stubborn guards, etc.

Strength in one element always creates a vulnerability to another. Teaming up with friends is the optimal way to achieve complete mastery over one element without leaving yourself vulnerable to another.


Your character is defined by two major traits: their class and their personality archetype. We may also allow further customisations (hats, color palettes, etc.), but these are secondary. You can mix and match classes and personalities freely, building your own flavor of hero.


Class determines your primary element, class abilities, and appearance. Each has a dramatically different gameplay feel. Cross-training between elements is difficult but permitted, and even recommended, so that you can harvest more kinds of resources and explore hard-to-reach areas.

Classes planned thus far are the

Personality Archetype[]

All heroes have overwhelming strength of will and strong personalities, making their mark forever on the memories of the world. But the sign they are born under influences what they tend to use their great influence for, when the pressure is on, as well as what kinds of problems they tend to encounter. Archetypes essentially bestow both a superpower and a fatal flaw. To find yours, you can take a personality test or just choose your desired sign outright.

We'll be providing more information about the personality & myth-building systems in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for updates to this page, or join our mailing list for instant news.

Infinite Worlds[]

Your character can travel between worlds independently; you may use that character to visit your friends’ worlds, experiencing different plots of the Moon and its mysterious disappearance.

You begin at the Lunar Temple, the one reliable safe haven in the world of Mercuria.