Moon Hunters Wiki

Mercuria is composed of handcrafted Landmarks and procedurally generated Territories. These combine procedurally with a few basic biome rules, forming a different world for every random seed.

Based on the unique configurations of your version of Mercuria, you may find vacant villages, haunted locations, or factions at war. Your task is to piece together the clues, making allies and defeating rivals in your quest to restore the Moon's rightful place.

Environment Art[]

The randomly generated world of Mercuria is one of mystery and desolate beauty. Thousands of years of moonlight have seeped power into the very ground, warping the fabric of reality and nurturing the spirits of fantastical creatures and growths. The major environment types are forests, meadows, swamps, and canyons, all of which look substantially different by day and by night.


Territories are combat zones, populated by territorial monsters and rich with hidden secrets and treasures. Some territories also contain friendly characters or special challenges. These are the most plentiful, and marked in blue in the diagram below.


Landmarks are scenarios, mostly populated by friendly characters with whom the players can interact, trade with, and learn from. Sometimes a landmark has a problem to solve; sometimes it is a place to rest and recharge before another dangerous journey. These are somewhat rare and marked in purple below.

Impassible Terrain[]

Some places on the map are unable to be travelled across. This may take the form of mountains (as implied by the diagram below), lakes, rivers, chasms, etc.